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Faraz Trading, a group of the best weavers from all over Iran, has chosen a unique collection of different types of dolls, headscarves, leifs, slippers, girls' nets, tricot baskets, and all kinds of children's and adults' clothes to provide wonderful services from their art and love. to present to loved ones all over the world.

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Our products are very strong, washable, soft and can be ordered in different sizes, for dolls there is a lot of variation in body anatomy, type of clothes, hair, etc. The texture of all kinds of animals with many different sizes and models brings more and more models into the world of creativity and beauty. The design of various models in the textile field, especially dolls, is done all over the world and our weavers translate and create them. Our group of artists are able to produce all the samples designed around the world, and if there is no sample available, we are able to produce the requested sample. There is a lot of diversity in the world of textures and the photos on the site are only a small sample of the sea of diversity in this field. The advantage of the texture dolls and models is that this product is strong, safe, washable, soft and very beautiful. And the weaver produces the product with energy, love and affection while working.

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